Protect your website from external attacks

An invisible war

Protect your company’s data from modern attacks. Every day an “invisible war” is waged online involving companies of all sizes. To visually understand what is happening every day just take a look at the graph created by the Kaspersky lab that shows in real time the attacks generated minute by minute. Most attacks are not targeted against a company but are completely random and generated by bots scanning the web in real-time for vulnerabilities.

DDos Protection

We offer configuration of DDos protection systems for sites or web applications, using Cloudflare technologies.

Malware Removal

We deal with the analysis, and removal of malware, and backdoors on WordPress websites that have suffered attacks.

Web Application Firewall

We configure WAF for the active protection of your website, using cutting-edge technologies such as Cloudflare or Sucuri

What are BOTs?

Bots are computers connected to the Internet. In 2023, bots are estimated to generate more than 40% of web traffic. BOTs are trained to perform certain targeted actions and if operated by dangerous individuals can do a lot of damage. A typical behavior of bots is to scan the web for data, in our example we imagine BOTs looking for websites with vulnerabilities. After identifying websites with vulnerabilities that have the characteristics to be attacked, the Bots begin the attack for which they were programmed. They then perform a series of automated actions to proceed to compromise the site. In each case, if they do not trigger the attack immediately, they will notify the hacker, who will then manually try to carry out the attack.

How are vulnerabilities generated?

Most online websites are based on popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento. These CMSs are based on a main core and plugins that are constantly being developed and updated. Therefore, the software part of the site is the most fragile and if not updated constantly could be attacked and infected by malware.

Why do they hack websites?

Some companies such as e-Commerce companies within their site store user data, like a customer’s name, email, addresses, and orders placed. For some companies this is the most valuable data, data to be protected that if compromised can generate great economic and credibility losses.

Vulnerabilities and the most prevalent attacks.

In the IT world now almost every device is connected to the Internet. Connected devices, if not updated and protected are easily exposed to attacks of all kinds. Vulnerabilities are not only due and outdated or unprotected software or hardware, but are also often due to human behavior, which is in many cases the most fragile part of the system. In fact, even a network of well-protected systems can be fragile if operated by personnel with no knowledge of computer security.

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